Pest Control
Pest Control

DM Koehn Pest Control

D.M. Koehn Pest Control Inc. is a local company owned by David Martin Koehn.  We provide Fertilization, Weed Control, Insect Control, tree and shrubs application, flea and tick control and much more. Since our first day of business we constantly pride ourselves on dedication to providing a personal and professional service. Since we are local company we can take the time to get to know you and your individual preferences.

Our Services:

  • Granular Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Insect Control
  • Trees and Shrubbery
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Lawn
  • Fire Ants


Pest Control Tip

Food prices are up and predicted to go higher. Prices are getting folks attention when they shop at local food stores. If saving money is the main reason for growing vegetables, compare the cost of produce at the store. Herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and squash are more expensive than potatoes, greens and beans. Other reasons to garden are food safety and the satisfaction of growing your own food. By growing your own vegetables, you control the types of pesticides that are applied. Mid March is the time to plant warm-season vegetables, so get started now to beat the pests. Read More >>

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